Artillery fungus

Anyone dealt with “artillery fungus”?
Had a potential client ask me about it and how to remove it from his siding, never heard of it, so I stopped by to take a look.
It is a fungus that grows in some types of mulch and shoots its spores high into the air (sometimes 20’ feet or more). They produce small tar like spots on whatever they land on, siding, glass, gutters, etc. It has a hard outer covering that takes a finger nail to pick off and still leaves a small “dot”.

So I tried what I had on hand, house wash mix, let it dwell a little extra and nothing-didn’t even phase it. So I tried straight on high pressure on a test area with 3000 psi and nothing. Homeowner had tried some remedies, Simple Green and others with no success.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this-its pretty amazing-had to google it to believe.

Magic eraser works but most folks can’t afford my elbow grease.

It is everywhere here. Magic Eraser is the only thing that I know that works but be careful on any kind of oxidized siding because you will see where you scrub. I do not remove them just tell the homeowners what to expect up front. Most have never even noticed them until their siding is clean.

I don’t bother to remove it. If I did they wouldn’t like my price anyway.

John Devine.