Artillery fungus or not?

I was looking at this home the other day, and I noticed these dots on this siding, primarily at the front above this line of flowers. I don’t want to tell the customer the wrong thing; Is this artillery fungus or is it something else?

Looks like a bucket to me…

In all seriousness the photo is way too far away to distinguish… got anything closer?

Also artillery fungus comes from decaying wood (mainly see it above mulch beds) doesn’t look like mulch in that area


Possibly… I’ve never seen it “clump up” like it may be in the photo to make larger groupings. It’s always been sporadic, “spaced out” individual dots. But, test an area with a pump up with some strong mix and see what happens. If artillery fungus, nothing will happen to the dots.

All the pictures I’ve seen of artillery fungus are perfect dots, like you said. I’ll ask the customer for a closer picture, as I didn’t take a specific one of it

Not artillery fungus from what i can see. Just looks like bug droppings.

This a close up of another side. I don’t have a close one of that side

Doesn’t look like it to me… doesn’t have that pitch black or defined look that typically is there

Probably not, they are usually tiny, about 2mm across and perfectly round. Typically found above old mulch.

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Have you tried to remove them in any way? Like with your fingernail?