Artillery fungus black specs

I was reading a post from last February about little black specs on siding. Artillery fungus was the name of it with no real way to clean at that time. Has anyone found anything since that time that may work? Just curious my brother has them all over his house in S.C. I told him to ditch the wood mulch below it for now.

Sounds like good advice!

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Some will always say they have a method that works. It can’t be cleaned. It can be dulled, sanded, picked at, painted, but not cleaned.


Ok thanks! I was guessing no one had come up with a solution since last year but had to ask. Thanks again!

Dynamite works pretty good

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LOL yep!

Maybe @CaCO3Girl could find a solution?

You are asking to remove barbed wire that has its hooks in a solid surface…sorry dude, can’t be done by chemical means.


Ok thanks!

That didn’t stop a vendor in GA threatening lawsuits from my review of artillery fungus remover lol

Double bingo.

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That is why you are co-owner of the forum. You know how to double quote.


Bane if my existence as a window cleaner.

I’m guessing that was the same vendor who was a director at PWNA and pushed reclaim bmp’s while also simultaneously selling reclaim equipment at his store…which happened to be located in the county he pushed bmp’s to the hardest.

Actually, no. But that’s all I got on that subject.

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Was it “Shore Best” chemicals? They’ve called and pitched an artillery fungus remover to me in the past, but I never gave it a shot. The recommended dwell time sounded ridiculous.

Dang. Sounded like SBS. I know for a fact they’re the ones who got reclaim for residential flatwork put in my county bmp’s. State bmp’s are much more lax. They also happen to sell that artillery fungus remover, which they claim is only good on new fungus. I digress though. Don’t wanna completely derail another thread lol.

Yes, if the fungus has just made its way over there, and not actually stuck its talons in the wall yet, then it can be killed and washed away.

So I guess if people are bored and would like to stare at the side of their house waiting for that perfect moment, then they will be good to go!:laughing:

Lol. Gotta catch it in that moment of indecision. Artillery fungus hunting could be the new snipe hunting though…

I think paint drying would be more fun to watch