Arkansas & Texas APB 👮

Several Arkansas and Texas law enforcement agencies are searching for this man.


Wanted for outing lying trolls dirt bags.

Call 800-274-6388 if you have any information.



You forgot the reason they want @DisplacedTexan is to offer a large reward and a nice heavy hammer!

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lol…so true @Crystal-Clean!

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: y’all are ate up! I change one little photo and y’all cant handle it. You’re like the monkeys at the zoo when someone rearranges the rocks lol


Haahaha, it’s probably a fake pic and alias.

I know how the criminal mind works!

:shushing_face: I’m hunting wabbits

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That’s Hilarious Coop !!!

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Sorry to derail Coop, I can’t find the thread.

Were did you get that whole set up? mine stinks and break all the time.

I’ll shout link when done this job


I tried to zoom in on the make to do it myself, to blurry. No worries, anytime you gotta chance buddy. Much appreciated Coop.