Are you Blogging?

Blogging is one way to bring more traffic to your site and is very cost effective to do. If you not Blogging then your missing out.
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Get your Blog on…

I need to start. How hard is it to add on the website?

If you have a wordpress site (you do Jeremy!) then it is already installed. You can login to your site and “Add a new POST” - that will go straight to your blog.

Blogging is a very simple and effective way to get seo up. However it takes discipline to do consistently through out the year this is where most people fall short and give up.Just as anything worth while you will not see results overnight, it may take 6 months or more. Get some one with experince to help you on your first few blogs and you will have the hang of it very quickly

Blogging is great for SEO, I started one not that long ago and the gains are slow but steady but noticeable .Mine can be found at []

Wash Rite NZ

I have to disagree. Blogging is great when you what you are doing is putting out an online magazine that is interesting and people come and read it. Blogging where you have no followers is a waste of time IMO. Maybe you are indeed creating quality content people come to read but I don’t have the time or skills to do that. Plus, who wants to read about pressure washing weekly?

Richard Miller
Apex Pressure Washing

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If that’s not true.

My MySpace is cranking.

I’ve made one sale so far. To a fella called Tom