Are these the size orings needed?

Viton, fmk.wanted for hose quick connects, not necessarily nozzle quick connects. I’m just too tired to think today, sorry.

If you are talking for your nozzles it is 1/4". I get mine from Dultmeier - part # kh125v - 1/4 vinton o-ring.

What you have posted looks right - the outside diameter is 3/8" and the inside diameter is 1/4".

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I was looking for the 3/8 quick connectsin viton. I found some, a pack of black viton 1/2in outer diameter, 3/8inner diameter $5 for 100. Yep $5 for a hundy… 1 Lincoln…5 bucks…

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Never seen black viton o rings, always brown in my experience.

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Chinese also make o rings along with steel and other products. Keep that in mind. Lol

You can buy em at Lowe’s in the plumbing section in a pinch. #8 for lances, #10 for hoses.


Lol,I’m bookmarking that. I’ve always used a hydro shop or Napa in a pinch. Thanks Pressure

Yep! I don’t know/don’t think they’re Viton but they last me long enough to where I’ve never thought “hmm that didn’t last very long.”

Yeah. When I first started out ,I was pinching pennies. Now I have 3 of everything big ,and 100’s of vitons of multiple sizes

243 reviews and only 2 1stars. I’m ok with that. Im sure the ones that came stock are chinese.

If your running cold water,you won’t have as many problems as running hot water 100 % .Heck $5 for a hundred is worth a try. I get my vitons for $12 at a 25 pck

But if they start blowing apart and plugging your system up from the DS to your wand zozzle or SC,you know everyone is gonna say. I TOLD YOU SO. :joy::joy:

Yeah, but I aint gonna tell you guys! I can get brown for $9+ for 100. Excellent rating too.

What usually kills them, the wear and tear? Or chems? Ill soak a few in straight bleach for a week and test them.

Heat ,acid for me. Sh for you house washers I’m assuming