Are there any surface cleaners out here that doesn't causes lines on concrete drive ways?


Are there any brands or models surface cleaners out here that I can purchase that doesn’t causes lines on concrete from the use of a surface cleaner.


Not as far as I know, Whisper Wash brand is the best in my opinion but any brand surface cleaner can leave stripes. Stripes can happen for a variety of reasons so it’s not just one thing that it can be pinned to. Sometimes the area is just REAALLY dirty, maybe your nozzles are clogged or not spraying well, maybe the nozzles are just too damn close the ground, maybe your going to fast, etc…

Alas, there are much more experienced guys on this forum than me so I’m sure they’ll chime in also.



Only the ones never used.


My 20” hammerhead started to leave stripes after some years of use. After trying a few things, even adjusting the swivel, nothing seemed to make a difference. The skirt was uneven and worn mostly on the front, so I replaced it and that fixed the problem.


Thanks. So hot water really doesn’t help either?


It’s usually the simplest answer. Occam’s Razor wins again.


To avoid getting the lines don’t walk back and forth with with the surface cleaner. The over lapping of the tips causes cleaner “runs” which become more apparent over time.

While standing still push the surface cleaner forward, move left or right 6 inches the pull it back. Move over 6 inches again, push forward, repeat. Do it all the way across then move up to a new section and repeat. You can move the cleaner faster forward and back than you could if you walked up and back. The tips over lap each other constantly making it easier for really dirty surfaces. It’s not as slow as it sounds. I got it from a guy on here years ago and it works great. Great results withZero lines.




Yep. That’s the ticket


I’ll pay good money to see you washing a 250,000 sq ft parking garage with that method. Doing flatwork, speed is everything.


Oh. Yea. That would suck. But for average residential driveways it works pretty good.


I should have started with: I use a 4 gpm and a 5.5 gpm machine, and a ww classic to surface clean. my classic has two nozzles not 4 so guys with a 8 gpm and 4 nozzle surface cleaner may not have the same issues as I did. I thought the same thing as you @Racer. How could this be any for efficient.

If I walk up a driveway turn and come back I will have stripes, if not that day once is starts to get dirty again the stripes will be noticeable. I tried going back over the drive way again perpendicular to my first pass and that works but is way to time consuming to do a driveway twice. I always pretreat but I tried post treating with straight SH down streamed and it still wasn’t perfect and also took more time.

If I use the method I stated in my previous post I can move the surface cleaner back and forth quickly as I move left or right. You don’t have to use the same pace as you do when you walk forward. I found it is actually quicker than walking the drive then doing it perpendicular. If you and your customers don’t mind the striping then don’t worry about it but it works and it is faster.

Again this is for smaller machines and 2 nozzle surface cleaners. I don’t do large commercial lots and I don’t use heat. For those who it applies to try and see how it works for you. I did and I was surprised.


You don’t get paid for rework. A driveway that holds 4 cars should take 45 minutes MAX from set up to roll up.

Pretreat. Takes 5 minutes. Wash from the high point to the low point. Rinse from top to bottom. Use your ball valve or turbo nozzle to hit any spots that were super heavy. Post treat strong. Another 5 minutes. Get your check and call them next year to see if there’s anything else they need cleaned.

Get to the next one.


Post treat with about a 4% mix either direct or with xjet. You won’t see any lines. I’ll try it on next drive I do and see how it goes.

Neon or bright colored pressure washing hose

I have not had stripe problems at all… Did have on my 4gm but with this 8gpm they don’t show up… Have a 36" whisper


@Racer did a driveway today and post treated. Good night! It has to be the best looking driveway I’ve ever done! Granted, had to use a pump sprayer, but wow! Thanks for the previous tips!


Dan, You can get a little 2.2. gpm 12v sprayer from NT and just suck your mix out of a bucket, will save you a bunch of time or better yet, get you this. all kind of uses for it. Can put in a wagon for fences or just get a longer hose. That little pump will support a 100ft of hose. I use for staining fences too.>%20Sprayers%20>%20Broadcast%20%2B%20Spot%20Sprayers&utm_campaign=NorthStar&utm_content=26810011&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxOr9yLSI2AIVgbrACh0wNQbUEAQYBCABEgJ_j_D_BwE


speed IS everything. Flatwork sucks. We are doing a 15 level parking garage that has two spiral ramps running down the middle of the garage. Each spiral has an up ramp and a down ramp, so in actuality it is 4 ramps per level. It has been a nightmare trying to get a high output for the night. I’m running 2 - 6 GPM AR pumps and I have 2 whisper wash 28" SC’s. It’s a closed loop reclaim so we aren’t having to stop to fill our water, but we are still only producing about 40,000 Sq. Ft. per night. That’s the most we’ve ever produced since I started. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in the industry to know if that was a good number or not. I like to think 40K per night is pretty good though.


Would this setup be good for low roofs? Does the pump produce enough gpm’s and lift to get the chems up? Also, would you change out the sprayer end with one that would support a jrod and nozzles? Apologize for all the questions in a row. I’m considering purchasing this setup, prior to getting a proper roof setup. Thanks