Are my eyes deceiving me?

Just received a new pack of surface cleaner nozzles… the orifice looks gigantic compared to other nozzles I have. Left is 25025, middle 2530 (the ones I just got), and right 25035… is it because I got 2530 and not 25030?

Yes, that is why

That will do it :joy:

I’m not sure if it was the lack of knowledge or oversight when I added it to the my cart… but I guess I learned something new today. So out of curiosity then does that make it a 30 instead of 3.0? I’m just trying to wrap my head around what type of surface cleaner/size machine would be able to make use of these.

Dang it I might be an official pressure washing nerd now and youve

That would be a jrod attachment for a small machine… like 2gpm. Think low soap.

Here you go

Yea that makes a lot more sense than the direction I was going… I was crunching the math and was coming up with like 23 gpm @ 2500 psi. Still not sure why it was under the surface cleaner section of the website but oh well.

30 = 30
03 = 3
035 = 3.5

Makes sense… guess I just overlooked the importance of that 0

But I bet you don’t overlook the importance of a 0 in $2,000 vs $200.00. :smiley:

It’s winter here and I’m bored, just playing. On a side note I finally figured out how to make decent homemade white bread with an ok crust but not too thick. After several batches/attempts, it does make a difference if you use ceramic vs. glass. vs. metal bread pans and whether you use regular flour or bread flour. Greasing the pan with crisco is different than greasing with spray oil. My point is that it is a learning experience. Learn from your losses.

Only if I’m the one selling… when I’m the one buying try to drop off as many zero’s as I can.

If you haven’t been steaming your oven while baking the bread, I highly recommend looking into it.

Live and learn… I don’t use a jrod and I thought I was only browsing surface cleaner tips, oh well… they weren’t expensive, so no real loss… just wasted time and having to reorder.

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“Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterwards” -Oscar Wilde

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I think I hate you now. Will this work in a convection? I think the exhaust would carry away the steam.

I put my dough into the oven on first rise so it has someplace nice and warm, pre heat 180 degree and then turn off, slide covered dough bowl into oven and let it rise.

That I don’t know, as I haven’t tried it in a convection, but I would assume the same line of logic as you are thinking with the exhaust… I’m sure someone somewhere has experimented with it, just not I.