Are all Facebook washing groups full of idiots?

12k sq ft tennis courts. Dudes talking all kind of smack… wants to charge $450 :joy::rofl: I can post the screenshots but I feel like it would make me look like a butthole for putting him out there.

Is it just me or are others happy that people like this will work themselves out of work…

Anyways. It’s cold as hell here. 30°f today. I bout froze my skinny self to death just walking outside!

I will give grief over others equipment or lack of knowledge, but not other’s pricing. A fair price is what someone is willing to pay and you accept. I was double courts all the time for $500. I don’t know how many square feet that is, but I know it takes 2.5 man hours. I’m ok with that. If it takes someone with a 4gpm machine and no knowledge of how to clean one 8 hours then I can see how $500 doesn’t look as appealing.

Ill do it for tree fiddy

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Thats understandable. What I mean by talking smack is asking for advice and info and then giving everyone the ol “I actually own 3 other business. I know what I’m doing” nonsense. To me that’s grounds to laugh out loud at the person. Those groups are filled with that

I have 40 other businesses and im a troll! Ahhhhhh!
The internet is full of them. And for some reason i volunteer myself to be part of those statistics :nauseated_face:

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Part of the reason this is my only online source for information related to spraying water. Youtube, facebook guys are so full of it sometimes

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I just saw some birds you could shoot

There are plenty up here for now!

Went this morning to test out the injected 2 stroke we’re running. Made it back alive so I guess it works lol

The color of that grass makes me cold. I would hate to be in that water. The dog dont seem to mind

31 degrees that morning. Most of these dogs would rather swim their hearts out through ice than sit in a boat. When they get wet their fur creates a kind of insulation similar to a wetsuit. Theyre still cold but much more comfortable than you or I would be.

Duck dogs are a special gift from God for the outdoorsman

We all have our gifts. Thank God for that!

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Are there any good Facebook groups to check out?

Only if you are into fleet washing if not all the rest are full of idiots


spray wash academy seems to be the most civilized. all the groups are plagued with weirdos though. like people that spend way too much time on facebook worried too much about other peoples business