Are 2502 tips good for my 16in Whisper Wash?

I’ve got a 4gpm 4000psi machine and so far so good. However, I don’t want to experience the striping that seems common around this place. Thanks!!

Uh no that’s going to put down 4K PSI and etch concrete eventually. I would run 25025 tips in it myself.


Meanwhile, one thread down lol


I just immediately see these posts and I’m cringing thinking of the damage that can be done. I have to say something.


I’m off to youtube to watch Vice Grip Garage. This place is a wreck this evening lol

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This forum does not deserve you

How much hose are you using?

Striping and etching are totally different animals. Striping happens when you don’t clean well enough, and the overlap double-cleans. Etching happens when your PSI strips off the top layer of concrete.
To fix striping: go slower, pre and post treat, use 2500-3000 psi.
To not etch concrete: don’t wash any concrete newer than 2 years, and don’t use over 3k psi


So basically 25025 tips are the sweet spot for a 4gpm 4000 psi machine??

That’s what I used with my previous 4/4 machine.

Here’s a great calculator for nozzle size. I have it on my phone’s home screen and use it all the time.