Arch buildings

Does anyone own or have experience with arch buildings? I need to build a salt storage shed at the nursery this spring and want to have extra room for mulch bunks as well as room for some misc stuff.

I’ve never owned one or even really been around one much. But they look super easy to assemble and sturdy if anchored properly.

Ive looked into them for indoor batting cages, just the shells… they are not cheap $30k and im sure you would need bigger than i was looking at.

What about the carport type structures full enclosed sides? Its just salt, keep it dry right is goal right?

I priced a 30x66 for about 16k. With concrete footers I’ll have 20k in it. Not bad for almost 2,000 square foot.

Can’t get a carport big enough. Need a pretty big building.

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I was going to say building a shed out of rough cut wood that you bring to the saw mill yourself is extremely cheap but i think wood is rare in your area.

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Just put a tarp over the salt.

Can’t really do that. It will hold moisture that way. Also hard to uncover and use when it has snow on the tarp.

That sounds like work!

You have a forklift. Working hard is in the past now.

I’d have to cut trees down though. Forklift can’t go in the woods!

When I say shed I mean like a 30x40 building minimum.

Put some mud tires on it lol

It has aggressive tires. But it weighs around 6,000 pounds. So it sinks. It also only has about 5 inches of ground clearance. I’ve gotten it stuck in my flat yard a dozen times lol

Suspension lift the way to go in that case.