AR30 vs AR45 Bucket Test and Distance Test

AR30 (D30) vs AR45 bucket test and distance test.

:white_check_mark: AR30 10GPM and 62.8FT horizontal on 1/2” hose, set to 225PSI (setting 4).

:white_check_mark: AR45 12GPM and 68FT horizontal on 5/8” hose, set to 225 PSI.

I run the AR30 off a Predator 212 and the AR45 off a Kohler 6.5HP. AR45’s are harder to find. Sprayer depots has “hundreds” of AR30’s. A Honda GX200 would work too.


So essentially you should be able to soft wash an entire roof from the ground, correct? Possibly needing a ladder to get around certain obstacles if necessary. And isn’t that the intended method with these machines, to achieve the same or better results from the ground. (Speed, efficiency, volume)

Yes that’s correct

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What are all the complaints about it then? Seems like lots of people on here hate on it. Whether it be the “not necessary” claim, “overspray” claim, or the “uses too much chems” claim. Care to shed your wisdom on that? Because In my mind as a fireman, the more flow you can get, the better. Big water equals quick work. (Unless of course I’m missing something)

Lack of knowledge, nor actually using it themselves, lack of skill?

I’m not sure. Some people love them and some hate them. Everyone has different skill levels and preferences.

I view them as extremely efficient and durable as we understand how to use them without damaging them. We manage the overspray like normal. We don’t flood roofs with them.

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I keep reading about the plastic pump housing cracking, not sure what causes that.

People not starting or stopping it off the trigger or running it out of gas unexpectedly.

See it often. Customers typically make that mistake one time.

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What about in bypass?

What are your thoughts and opinion on your AR45 setup vs Texas Tornado 12v, 14gpm?

AR45 definitely

That’s the recommendation to start up and shut down. We’ve seen it stick and cause failures. Hence the start up and shut down with the trigger open.

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So start up and shut down on trigger. Once you start up on the trigger, then you can let off, or when? And what’s the off trigger trigger max time recommended?

You can start off once the engine is up to throttle. Pretty fast. We recommend a max of 5 minutes off the trigger.

Oh these things don’t have a bypass? I didn’t know that. Guess it makes sense.

They do but it’s a closed loop bypass only holding a gallon of water to cool the pump if you use it with a proportioner.

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