AR pump repair

I have an AR RKV G36 pump, with a broken piece. (It’s a Milwaukee pressure washer). On this diagram, it’s part #41 “INLET BOLT”.

However on this schematic from AR, it’s not shown at all.

So I’m confused, is this a Milwaukee part, or an AR part? Is this not part of the pump?

Attached is a picture of the broken part. I was able to remove the broken off part from the pump after the picture was taken. (Pictures in separate posts because they won’t let me post more than 1 at a time.)

You’re going to have to remove all that junk on the outside of the pump and replace with new. Its actually doing you a favor. Now you can put a new unloader on there and youll be running like a champ

I realize I put up the wrong third picture, which has been uploaded now. That’s the part that broke.

I don’t really understand your comment.- what is the junk? Maybe I don’t understand what parts come from the pump proper, and what parts Milwaukee added. The unloader doesn’t come from AR with the pump? And if not, where would i find one that fits?

i think i have one of those bolts.

to get the broken bolt out remove the bolt that is holding the high pressure side out. Then slide the unloader off the broken bolt. You will see the rest of the bolt that is broken. Get a new unloader or replace the bolt.

I did manage to get the inlet bolt out by spraying with WD40 and tapping it with a hammer and screwdriver to loosen it. I was then able to unscrew it.

I guess what I’m confused about is whether this is an AR part or a Milwaukee part? I assumed that entire system was part of the AR pump. Is the unloader and associated parts all add ons to the pump?

doubt it’s a milwaukee part

Yes. Everything external is not part of the pump. I had a customer give me a machine like that once because the unloader had failed. I removed everything and replaced with proper accessories and have been using that machine to clean around the house for 7 years.

That is a gymatic unloader with the water feed bolt broken. Remove the top bolt and take off the unloader. Then get an easyout to remove the broken part of bolt onside the water inlet. then you can replace the unloader with the same style or change it to a VRT250. you would have to change plumbing a bit to do that tho