Apprence at work

What Does the customer like to see? My everyday wear is Khaki Shorts,Boots,Grey (logoed) Shirt. Its the same for my employee as well. No cut off’s (some people dont mind),no jeans( get bleached fast). What else could we change to stand out. Haircuts(Im bald and shave eveynight)… What do you do thats diffrent for the Marketing/Branding of your Comapny.

Owning a window washing company first that added pressure washing, I’ve always prided ourselves for looking clean cut, professional, and in uniform. However, maintaining that clean look is much eaiser as a window washer than as a pressure washer. Our first set of uniforms got destroyed on a large building wash because of the bleach, so I learned that the hard way and now use different uniforms for our different services.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what service you provide - if you and your crew are in a professional looking uniform, you will stand out from your (lesser quality) competition.

A poly polo shirt is a must. If the polo is not embroiderd we wear ID badges. Poly shorts are good too, but sometimes I wear khaki shorts, too.

Micah were are you getting poly polo’s and poly shorts. With name badces get the type that uses magnets to hold to the shirt they leave no holes wife loves hers badge because it does not put holes in her nice shirts.

You can get the poly polos from Queensboro embroidered for around 11 dollars a shirt when they’re on sale. I think they call them the cooldry polos. Just about any golfing polo is poly these days. They hold up to the house wash mix well and they dry out really fast.

The poly shorts I have been buying are Magellan brand from Academy sports. They’re cargo shorts and they dry out in minutes. They do stain overtime, but they last longer then just about everything else. The Dickies line of shorts, altho they last forever, just got to be too long - might as well be wearing pants.

As many of the people before me have stated you have to be professional. People want someone on their property that is clean and professional. Remember, first impressions are everything

Xtreme Cleanz
Birmingham Alabama