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Hey all!! I’m Levi Unruh. I’m pretty new here, and it’s been a pleasure scouring the forums so far! I have a lead on the apartment buildings seen in the photos, and since it’s the first job I’ve done of this size, I’m wondering what a reasonable bid would be. It’s eight buildings, 7-10 thousand square feet each, and obviously three stories. They’re dirty, but I should be able to get them clean downstreaming. I’m thinking 14 cents a sq ft., but let me know if that’s way off. I’m located in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve got a skid with an 8gpm and a flowpro and I’m considering adding a 4gpm for another rinse man. Any advice you have for the first apartment buildings would be great as well! Also, would you all rent a lift to hit the eves above the roof, or how would you go about that? I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have! Thanks in advance; your time/knowledge is greatly appreciated!

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Maybe if you are lucky @Innocentbystander will help you out. He is probably the resident expert on apartment cleaning. There are several threads on this forum about apartment washing.

Figure on 15 minutes per breezeway and 3 hours per building exterior with one 8gpm for one guy. the 4 gpm rising will slow you down. out a ladder up and pump spray the rakes and don’t worry about rinsing them. charge accordingly. Those are $500 buildings around here.

if Im looking at this correctly on the size, 500 aint bad if you get the 8 buildings together. you should be able.to reach the eaves with a shooter. Ask for 6oo per building just in case you think they will haggle you.

So in their third picture, are you counting each breezeway/different color as a building or is that whole section one building to you? $500 seems low if it’s the latter no?

Thanks for the replies so far! To clarify, that whole section in the 3rd photo is one building, and there are seven more like it. Not just one breezeway/color per building. I was hoping not to have to use a 40ft ladder(especially by myself). I’ve got a 32ft, but I don’t think it would reach the eves so I could get to the rakes. I’m willing to rent and fight a 40ft if that’s the best way; I just wasn’t sure if there was a better way to go about it. But I hadn’t thought of not rinsing; that would definitely make it easier! And yes, I should be able to reach the exposed eves with a shooter, no problem. I was just wondering about the rakes above the roof that aren’t able to be hit from the ground.

I see one building, three breezeways on the building.

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Correct, there are 8 of those.

What a project ! Can’t wait to see how this one turned out ! :star_struck:

I would probably delete that word from the sentence. He’s probably cleaned more of them than all of us combined :rofl:

I think the biggest thing I got from reading @Innocentbystander posts talking through projects like this is that expectations are the biggest thing. If it’s a one-off wash and they want them to have all those years of growth gone, and not to call you for 5-7 more years, then it’s a different price than it would be if they are going to have you washing them once or twice a year.

If you’re back every 6 months, then one resident not clearing a balcony or a few missed spots in those soffits aren’t a massive thing. If not then it’s more of a detailed process, which will take a lot more time.


Personally, I wouldn’t wet it down for 5 bills, but it’s great to see the waffle house WiFi is alive and well.