Apartment complex flatwork

Went out to give an estimate today at a 124 building apartment community. They are looking for flatwork only of front/rear patio or pads.
Complex is only a year old, so nothing too bad but its lots of buildings across several acres. Total square footage is 37k of concrete.
Was thinking .10$ per sqft. The time consuming part will be moving all of the equipment around to get to each building.
Just would like opinions on the price i am quoting from some experienced washers. I have not done anything this large yet, so not real sure on total time it will take us.

Thank you for your time.

what type of equipment will you be using?

4gpm 3500 psi hot unit skid. with surface cleaner. 200’ of hose. so can cover 400’ at a time roughly. also carry a separate smaller wheeled unit for touchup, corners, rinsing.

first thing - the concrete is only a year old, you need to be VERY careful you do not lift the cream.

.10/SF means different things to different people. With higher gpm rigs you can move faster and make more money. With your set-up it wont be as profitable, if at all.

We just washed about 35k SF and it took 3 days. Two days w/two people and one day by myself. We cold have finished it in two days if I had a dependable helper at the time. I was also using one 8gpm and one 6gpm rig, with 300’ hose on each rig (600’ reach).

You have two, much smaller machines and it will take you a lot longer to complete. That being said, if you bid it at 3 days you will make enough to purchase a 8gpm rig and schedule the project after you get the new rig. Use the 8 to wash/rinse and the 4 to cut in.

You will also need a bigger surface cleaner to handle the 8gpm and keep you moving

Great information. I have been thinking about a couple of these… Have any experience with them? no hot water, but entire unit is portable and only moving water hose, which is on every building…
Dual Pressure Washer | Pressure Washer | Makinex USA - Products

you will hate yourself if you buy one of those. They are heavy, will get stuck in the mud and terrible in tight areas like patios.

Try one of these that Bob at PT State sells

If the edit feature worked I would remove those pics, sorry…

Thanks for the information sir. I think not having heat is a big issue for me…

Heat for resi work is nice but 99% of the time, not needed. And the ones I linked to can be used with heat.