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I am recently new to this site. My brother and I have been doing this part time for over a year in central N.C. We have only done residential houses and one dentist office. We have also cleaned driveways and sidewalks, etc… We were just invited to bid on an apartment complex. 17 buildings. 13 are around 8,000 square feet. 3 are around 4,500 square feet. 1 is about 3,000 square feet. They also want the stairwells done.16 of them are 2 story with a slight roof pitch going on 3 story. All are half brick, and half hardy plank, or wood. We have never bid a job this big. ANY help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! We want/need the job, but don’t want to bid too low or high. HELP!

Hi Detail. Welcome to the PWRA.

What city do you service?

This job is in Fayetteville.


This job is in Fayetteville.

So here’s the deal. You will be sore pressed to find anyone to give you real numbers on what to charge. We do this for a living and it isn’t good business sense to reach someone how to bid. I have 9 properties in Fayetteville and Lumberton. Another 50 or so across the East Coast. I might be helping you bid on a property that I currently do or might be bidding on as well. Figure out what you need to make as far as profit and turn the bid in. Only you can come up with your prices.

Seems Fayetteville is a busy area…Lol!

Thanks! That was really helpful. I’m sure you started your business one day, and then had 100 contracts the next.

You’re not going to be one of those people that we hear about that want whatever they want handed to them on a silver platter, right now, are you?

Good, I didn’t think that you would be like that.

You have just had your question seen and addressed by two of the best qualified men that could address it and your all in a tizzy about what?

Welcome. Sit down a spell. Read a while. And try to not be so demanding right out of the gate.

Nope, I started my business and worked hard to make it successful. I learned as I went. I did not ask others to compromise their business to help me cut corners on building mine. You were given honest advice. Price the job to where you can make a profit. Only you can do that. Asking for advice and then being a _ _ _ _ when you get it doesn’t help yourself any.

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There seems to be a misconception that there is a “Round About Price” for anything…there isn’t. As William said, your price must reflect your time, material, and profit…that equals your price…and again as William said…only you know what that is…Simple & Wise advice…certainly not deserving of disrespect.

Apartment complexes are totally different then residential houses and dentist offices. Your business probably needs to grow a bit before taking on a job such as this. As your business grows your experience will grow and pricing will come naturally.

Biting off more then you can chew is far more dangerous then not having the work.

I plan on moving to Fayetteville, does anyone have a place I can bunk for a little while :cool: