Aodd pump for media blaster

Good morning all,

My brother is building a media blasting trailer and needs a pump to rinse off the media. I’m thinking an aodd pump but there are all types and price ranges out there and I’m not sure which one to get.

I’m thinking only 5 gpm. He’s going to run 100 feet of 1/2 inch line. The max he will be shooting vertically will be 7-10 feet.

His 125 gallon tank has a mixture of water and rust inhibitor. No other chems will run through it. Does anyone have a suggestion as to which pump will work. Again He doesn’t need a pump that will hold up to strong bleach or acid.

Does anyone have experience with these types of pumps?

You need to know the exact chemicals that will be used. Every pump manufacturer has a material sheet that will tell you what pump you should use. Generally poly is ok with most corrosive chemicals and kynar is superior with a lot of different chemicals but tend to cost more.

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Volume will be based on the compressor volume and nozzle size more than the pumps max rating . For example my 1/2 pump is rated for 17gpm but produces closer to 5gpm in the field.

Okay I’ll get him to figure what kind of chems will be in it. Volume of air will not be an issue. The blasters main component is rated at 210 cfm.

How low of a psi you could run a flot jet and utilized the air compressor sure would make it easy if he doesn’t need a tremendous am ok unt of psi