AODD 10GPM vs 12V 5.5GPM Northstar

I use an air powered AODD system for my roof washing rig and I compared with my friend and fellow washer Kenneth Collier (@Ken_32) from K Collier Services 12V System. We shot this Nov 1st.

The AODD system shot a stream of 42ft and a spray pattern of 30ft with an expected larger volume compared to a stream of 31ft and a spray pattern of 23ft with the 12V 5.5GPM Northstar pump.

The AODD system is using 200ft of Flexzilla 1/2 Air Hose and the 12V system was using 200ft of Kuritec 1/2 Hose.

Here is a link to my setup with links for what I am using:
AODD System:

12V 5.5 GPM uses a Northstar Pump found here:

My proportioner is self built and here is the parts list with links:


Thanks for posting those links. Where did you source the parts for the proportioner?

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Mostly US plastic. That list has links too.

You can tell I’m not very tech savvy…I didn’t realize I could scroll over and see more info, LOL

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Don’t fell bad it took me 5 tried to figure that out.


Thanks for adding so much info! I bookmarked your site. How’s that DIY remote system working out for ya so far?

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You’re welcome! Honestly I haven’t hooked it up yet. I haven’t done a single house wash so I figure I’ll do it this weekend or next week.

Did this roof today. It was bad.


I remember you mentioning this before but what app do you use for your before and afters?

Watermark Pro Lite

Paid .99 cents to unlock for life.

Just wait, when you get to spanish clay tile, 2.5 story house, 5.5k sq. ft, roof…slicker than a buttered otter! We just started on this one, this is the first application… look @ the gutter-line, nothing but soap…


That spread sheet he made is awesome. Especially for new guys.


PW olympics, I love it. And the gold goes to…

Just downloaded it, works great for watermarking but what do you use to get them side by side?

Layout. Free app associated with Instagram.

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Hey man, I want to upgrade and was wondering, I have a 7500 watt 120/240v generator also have a really expensive air compressor that I took out of my bucket truck (an old AT&T truck). I was wondering is there a reason to use air on demand over a 240v pump? I want 10gpm but it seems like the air compressor is just another big thing to add when you could just plug in a 240v pump right into the generator.

No experience with that so I can’t offer an opinion.

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Very contradicting…

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