Anyone willing to guerilla ship surfactant to me?

Have been doing my research and looking wistfully at all the cool kid surfactants. Elemonater, snotmenade, etc but pressuretek doesn’t ship anything to AK and everywhere else I’ve found it for sale wants to charge me 150$ to send UPS.

Your Mission: (should you choose to accept it)
Grab some sort of approved surfactant you have laying around, shove it into a flat rate USPS Box and ship that bad boy up to me.

I’ll pay for materials, shipping, and your time. Save me from having to use purex/gain/whatever other gross stuff I’ll use on the wrong surface a la degreaser on vinyl :joy::joy::joy:

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Send me an address

Sent you a PM.

Can you get Arm and Hammer laundry detergent up there? Will work fine, esp on roofs


And masks the smell too

I have been disappointed with Elemonator lately, On my last pale, the lemon scent isn’t there and I’ve had clients complain about bleach smell. Keep in mind I’ve been using it for several years now (I know how to use it). Reached out to PT and they pretty much said add more soap to the bleach til it masks the odor lol We all know what happens when you over use soap.


I will take a look and see if i have that locally. 1oz per gallon like the others with it or different ratio?

You’ll have to experiment with it. For roofs about 2oz/per gal of mix. For HW start with an oz/gal and see if that gives you enough suds that you might want, which is a personal thing.
If you can get the elemonator reasonably enough use that for the HW. But for roof the A&H will work great. And it will work for your hw. HD and Walmart and most grocery stores here carry but don’t know about up there.

I too thought something was different about it. It seems like when I bought it a couple years ago it was thicker and had more lemon scent to it. I thought maybe I just got used to it and don’t notice it anymore.

I’m going to need more soon, what do you think it is? Cheaping out on the lemon scent oil? Or is the soap not as soapy too?

I don’t know for sure, I think I remember hearing someone else complain about it on here recently. It can be a bad batch or as with most products, once they gain popularity they begin to short cut

I don’t think it’s just a bad batch. I bought last and this year, both seemed more watery than it was a couple years ago and I don’t smell lemon when washing with it like I used to. It still works great and windows rinse really nice, so I’m not trying any thing else just yet.

the a bummer to hear. i’m on apple wash right now but it’s very thin and i was reminiscing on my elemonator. i was a really big fan of it because of the viscosity and scent

It’s not near as good as it was three or four years ago. Way less sticky (not necessarily a bad thing) but the scent is all but gone. It’s been that way the last couple seasons. PT doesn’t seem to care.

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Can confirm this stuff works great. I add a touch to my downstream tank every batch just for the scent. Works well on wood too since it has a dash of sodium percarbonate in it.

The main reason I haven’t switched. I always get compliments from customers about how clean their windows are.

I know it’s an extra step, but what about adding a scent booster to the Elemonator? In just the past two years I can state that the lemon scent is great when I open the jug/pail to pour it into my batch tank, but it doesn’t have any potency once it’s been down-streamed onto the houses any more. A while back I had some samples from Horizion Aromatics that worked really well, but I don’t remember if they had one that matched Elemonator or not? I just got an email from someone there a week or so ago - I’ll have to dig through it some more.

I just requested another sample kit of Lemon as well as Apple. Not sure if they’ll send it to me as I did some samples a year or two ago, but we’ll see.

That’s pretty much the only reason I add a dash of A&H to my mix. Just a little bit masks the SH smell just fine.

This stuff?

To use with Elemonator, how much is just a little bit and you’ve had no issues with it on windows?