Anyone watch 1883?

I thought it was a good story about the Oregon trail. I liked how they depicted the west being as lawless as it was and that Texas was nothing but thieves and whores, outside of a couple of towns. I’m watching 1923 now, but I guess they are both some kind of spinoff from that yellowrock show or something.

Those pioneers were hard folk.

Yellowrock lol

1883 was awesome. It really showed the realities of the Oregon trail and how brutal it was. I couldn’t get into 1923. Didn’t seem to have the edge that 1883 and yellowstone had.

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Sorry, been really sick for over a week, Yellowstone.

I liked 1883 a lot, it was brutal. If you watch 1923, there is some stuff in Africa early in the season, that shows you kind of how deadly a visit to the bush could be. It was very interesting. It kind of jumped the shark a bit with the calamity following calamity with the dutton in Africa trying to get home. Then they sprinkled in some unnecessary BDSM and some gratuitous nudity back in montana just to get a TVMA rating. There was no real point to any of it. But if you like watching a chick beat another chick with a belt, then that might be for you. I would say, without looking it up, about half the season was good, then the rest kind of went down hill. It was just setting it up for the big range war to come if there is a second season.

The only thing seared into my brain is the mistreatment of the native americans by the catholics, how harsh and cruel they were. I’ve read books before that suggested that this was commonplace in the indian schools. But the depiction on this show was unreal. Made me think my grandfather’s stories about the irish catholic nuns wasn’t embellished.

I wasn’t being a jerk just thought it was funny. Hope you feel better.

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1883, 1923, Yellowstone… all great!
Same universe - Lawman Bass Reeves… super brutal
Apparently theres a 1943 in the works as well as a spinoff about the Four Sixes Ranch, which is supposedly the biggest ranch in the country and that Taylor Sheridan actually owns.

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No worries brother, besides, my wife ridiculed me the other day for making the same mistake.

I had one (another one), got over it, then this one hit about 2 days later. Think that is why it is hitting me so hard. Aching joints, constantly hacking, and can’t breathe.

wife and kid mocked my slow butt for holding them back getting to the parking garage at the university. Kid had some big scholastic award at the university so I made it. Just crowing now…top .5 percent of her class for the 3rd year running out of 50k students. Not too shabby.

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only watched part of that yellowstone series, is the whole thing good? I like old westerns with cowboys on horses and not side by sides,4 wheelers, or pickups. I worked on a wagon train when I was young and it was tough with all the modern amenities.

All were good shows. Just wish they’d hurry up and get the 2nd season done of 1923.

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Its one of the best shows I’ve watched in a while. I just wish they wouldn’t take years to complete the last season. They aired half of it, then the SAG/AFTRA strike happened, then Costner had some beef with the showrunner, and here we are, still waiting lol