Anyone using Responsibid?

I would like to get honest opinions from anyone who is using this program. I got a chance to talk to the Responsibid guys at the Nashville event, and they seemed like pretty good guys. At $150 a month the price seems a little steep, especially for the budget that I’m working with. But what got my attention was that he said his customers using the program are closing 90% of all their bids. My close rate is not NEAELY that high, and at the rate calls are coming in right now, I can’t afford to lose ANY bids. If it gets me one extra job per month it would pay for itself, but I’m a little skeptical.

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I’m with you Josh. It is a little pricey. I signed up for a month at the show to give it a shot. We will see how it goes.

Let us know how it works out for ya. I did like Kurts explanation in NOLA about how you can wake up and you have jobs that were booked while you slept:) The day comes that I can make money when I’m sleeping… Now where talking.

My drawback with Responsibid was that we don’t have set pricing. I at the very least need to see the house on Google/Bingmaps. I still can’t get myself to price things out without knowing what I’m looking at. That in the case of Responsibid Is my weekness there where if others in the PW field can do that then Responsibid is most definitely something to look into.

We haven’t signed up yet because of the way we are set up as a company. I am able to take almost every call that comes in. I feel like I can close more calls because I have the ability the feel the caller out to discover what their pain really is and that enables me to have a better chance to close the sale.

I have talked to a number of guys that get dozens of calls a day and responsibid absolutely adds a ton of value to them.

It’s doubtful your company can take full advantage of responsibid just yet.

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Each situation is different but I love it. Nothing but good things to say about those guys!

Hey Larry can you tell us more about what type of plan you have with Responsibid and what your ROI is?

I was an early adopter, so I’m grandfathered into the premium. Can’t tell you ROI off the top of my head

PWRA members can snag the light version for $5 a month -

Hey Chris I’m guessing you have responsibid for your Window end of your business but what about your powerwashing end?

We’ve had it for almost a year and were introduced to us as members of the WCRA. It’s closed a lot of customers for us on the window washing side, but very few for pressure washing. However, that has been my fault, not Responsibid’s.

Wasn’t basic free for members before?

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That’s what I was thinking.

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$5 is pretty close to free…

I’m using basic. Ill be honest I’ve gotten a few jobs from it but nothing I can justify
Paying Premium for. I would say its my website but I get calls all the time from it. Don’t get me wrong I think its aweSome. I know Some will say if you get premium it will get you better results. Maybe that’s what ill have to do, but when I had the premium for free during my trail I didn’t get one job is wasnt till I switched to basic I’m getting one per mth. Maybe it needs more Time. I know many its woRking great for. Like I said its an awesome product.
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It use to be. That expired several months ago and announcements were made about it and everyone had plenty of time to get it for free who wanted it if you were a PWRA member. I got the free version just before it went to $5

I never saw an announcement. But I’ve only been a member for about a month.

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I have the free version. But I don’t remember getting an email about it. Its not a big deal, I was just asking a question.

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Josh, I had to go back and look, but it was in May. There were several posts about it and a blog I think.

It expired in May, but you can still get the basic package for $5

It’s all good. Thanks.

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