Anyone using Responsibid or The Customer Factor?

Just curious of the pro’s and con’s of both of these. We have implemented systems in place and after seeing both of these makes me curious how effective we are in comparison. Anyone out there want to offer their experiences?

Cant beat CF and the customer service you get with it is amazing Steve is the man. Havent used responsibid but ive heard good things.

I use them both and overall I like them. I think the biggest con of either system is that a third party owns the servers, and therefore owns your data and client list. I have chosen to trust those involved and I make backups but there is some risk there. Also, the two do not sync up unless you have a higher end level of responsibid.

The third party that owns the servers does not necessarily own your data and client list. That is similar to saying that Quickbooks owns your money if you choose to use Quickbooks Online.

That’s a myth that’s been promoted by some segments of the industry in order to discredit certain softwares.

Using cloud based software is the way that the world has shifted for lots of really good reasons, including ease of getting upgrades, inexpensive installation costs, and ability to use the software on multiple devices (including mobile) without costing more money. It is not dangerous, in spite of some people’s insinuations to the contrary.

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Gee, I wonder who would do such a thing to discredit others for doing a great job in this Industry… Never mind.
Sidebar note-- Great job with the Mole & Jersey show:)


Do you use either of these? Trust me I am not trying to discredit anything here. I am curious as I have been reviewing both products. Just not sure that I want to jump on the ship and make the purchase. I am wanting to know the pro’s and con’s of both.

I use both. I highly recommend.

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I wasn’t accusing you or anyone in this thread of attempting to discredit anything… Just saying that the line about cloud hosted services being unsafe is nonsensical and originated from people with an agenda trying to discredit certain software.

With that said, I agree with Brennon above. Customer Factor works well for many people, but did not work particularly well for me. I have used Responsibid for quite a while now, and am beyond delighted with it. I’ve said before that my only regret with it is that I did not purchase it sooner.

Michael what % do you say Responsibid works towards you getting window cleaning jobs compared to the Powerwashing jobs you get from it?

John, it’s not window cleaning software. It is completely customizable for powerwashing, roof cleaning, window cleaning, and now carpet cleaning.

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We use both and in The Customer Factors case, since 2008.

John, I will also answer your question directed to Mr. Mole: We get a lot more estimates with ResponsiBid for window cleaning than PW. Probably in the 70/30 range. However, my closing rate for PW last year (house wash and flat work) jobs on RBid is hovered around 90% while window cleaning is 78%. Sadly, roof cleaning was under 50%.

Good answers from Thad and Andrew. Responsibid works just as well for house washing or window cleaning. Many of my customers who do responsibid on my website end up getting a bid for, and ultimately having us complete, multiple services. Responsibid UPSELLS for you in an easy, non-threatening way.

I don’t think my business will ever be the same without Responsibid… I will forever have it…

Yes I understand that except I didn’t know about the carpet cleaning part added to it which is cool. I was just curious how well it works for each Sector.

Thanks for the responses guys and I think I said this in the past-- Curt Kempton is a genius for coming up with this program.