Anyone using Borax to neutralize Oxalic Acid

I’m stripping my deck and went to local Benjamin Moore for some stripper. Last minute idea to strip my deck since the wife was taking kids to the beach. He said apply stripper, oxalic and then borax to nuetralize the oxalic. I don’t know anything about wood and never heard anything on the forums about borax. Just wondering if you guys use borax to nuetralize oxalic.

Ive never read that… and i have read a TON of wood stripping threads. Some people rinse with water after oxalic, and some people dont rinse… but never heard to use borax. If you want to neutralize, just rinse IMO.

Usually oxalic IS the neutralizer for the SH.

That’s what I thought. I read countless threads on wood stripping and never saw that either.