Anyone remove blood stains from concrete?

I have a job coming up on Monday that I have to go bid on. That has blood stains on the concrete. This is a first for me any ideas? What chemicals to image use

Dang @Mike11 did the customer cut one of their toes or fingers off?? :joy:
I’m the “new guy” but from my research and having done many of clinical hours on the ambo, SH should clean that up easily and fast.

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Hydrogen-peroxide removes blood stains with ease. But honestly I think even just pressure alone will remove them… or heat? I don’t see why they wouldn’t come out

And welcome to the form! Time to tap into this abundance of information!


Dried blood can be a pia but if you have hot water no problem if not a mild detergent and brush will remove it

I’ve watched enough Lifetime Television to know bleach removes blood stains.



Who knows what happened it’s downtown Austin so it could’ve been anything LOL.

Do you up charge for stains like that ?

No it’s just part of it

As had been stated, bleach will probably be enough, if not some hot water and a little agitation.
Make sure to spray it down and let it sit a bit. That’s also a pants job, don’t get any on you.