Anyone Near Georgetown KY

Got a strong prospect for you.

I’m in Louisville, but don’t have a large, dedicated PW setup.

You’d need some fairly serious equipment for this. And a 12v system too.

Yeah, maybe in a few years.:smirk:

Hey, does it involve making snow?

What do you have?

Basic…4gpm/4k, small buffer tank, xjet m5. Will get an Ultra Clean in the spring. It’s an add-on to my window cleaning business.

Georgetown about an hour away from you isn’t it?

Right around that, yeah.

About 4 hours from me…may be interested…depending on size and scope of course.

No, nowhere near big enough for 4 hours. 45 min maybe over long term.

I live in Lexington, Kentucky. I live about 10 minutes from Georgetown.

Have you got any equipment?

Will have a rig in late February 8 gpm 3200 psi hot/cold. Setup to start in Spring.

I’ve had a residential window cleaning company for 25 years and dabbled some years ago in pressure washing but was overwhelmed with all the work, so bailed on the PW. But I decided I wanted to try PW now, in a better position now. Little older and want to switch up a bit and do something different. Thanks.

Sending you a pm