Anyone know what this might be? Vinyl Siding

One of our tech’s did a house wash on a regular maintenance client that we do yearly. About a week later the client emailed about something on the siding, so I stopped by to take a look. Took a picture for reference. It comes off with scrubbing, but not regular house wash process. Any thoughts/suggestions? Normal vinyl siding.

At what height is it? Do they have a diesel? Is it greasy?

4-5ft height, no diesel or anything like that. Not greasy.

Heat damage


It looks like the exact same siding on my house and there are places with similar discoloring. I’ve tried scrubbing and degreaser but can’t seem to get it off.

You’re in the triangle correct? It was probably the same supplier.

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I may be way off, but does that area catch a glare from something for hours day. I think way out the box sometimes.

Yes sir, this house is in Wake Forest. Thank you for the response!

No glare, shaded a good portion of the day.