Anyone know anything about this pressure washer

I have a friend that wants to sell a cube van and this hot water pressure washer for 3000. Has anyone had any experience with one of these types of pressure washers, and what is it worth? Looks pretty old but has a new engine, and newer coil.

Looks like an air compressor. Has a diesel tank and gas tank.

Going to need more info than that. How old is the pump what pump is it ?

The pump is a general t2011. I believe its 4.5 - 5 gpm. There was another sticker on the unit that said 5305m-b. I believe thats what it said anyway.

That’s a very low speed pump 1125 rpm 4.5@3000 psi it will certainly make you some money if it’s in good working order.

oil in the pump looked good. I heard other people on here talk down on general pumps. I have another friend that does hood cleaning and has run a general ts2021 for 17 years he said. Rebuilt twice. I’ve been on other forums like pro powerwash, and most people there agree that the ts2021 is a workhorse of a pump. Here it seems if you don’t have Udor you have junk.

General pumps are fine . Udor May be better but that doesn’t mean gp isn’t good pumps


A pump is a pump is a pump. You wont even know the difference until you’ve made enough $ for it not to really matter. A guy who cleans hoods probably doesn’t run his machine as much as a guy who cleans apartment complexes but what I said earlier still applies. Id figure oit what the engine and pump is worth and thats pretty much the value of the machine. If the van is in good shape then I’d say thats a pretty good deal. Buy it and youre ready to go to work. Minus a few small details like chems, hose, nozzles, surface cleaner, etc…

Through a little research I’ve found out this is an Alcota pressure washer. He offered just the washer without the truck to me for 400 bucks. I guess he’s in a pinch and needs the money, so I’m probably going to pick it up. The engine is only a couple years old, and I figure it’s got to be worth the 400 at the least. Was looking at the picture and found myself trying to figure out what this ball valve on the lower portion of the burner is for. Also the pipe right above it. Wondering if anyone could give me some insight as to what it is for. Thanks for any input.

Its been rode hard

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It’s what I was thinking, too. Debating on even trying to mess with the burner. I don’t do anything that requires hot water. Was thinking about taking off the top plate with the motor & pump and mounting that to the trailer. I don’t know anything about the pump either as far as how it’s been treated. Maybe I’ll just put the money toward a 5 GPM gear drive Udor and throw it on my GX390. Probably a lot less headache.


I believe what your looking at is a built in buffer tank. Usually the are built im between the diesel and hot water/coil side.

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Thanks for the info.

That rig was cobbled together but it looks like it was a electric Alkota dry steam generator. The circled plumbing in the pic is for the built in float tank used for producing steam. Horrible idea mounting the pump in a position so the manifold gets hit with burner exhaust. I’d take that the engine though if it’s a 18hp :slight_smile:

The engine is 16hp. I thought the same thing about the exhaust, and the heat the pump was subjected to. Not to mention the diesel soot also. I think it must have had an exhaust stack at one time. I still never bought it, I just don’t have the room to mess with it right now. Last time I talked to him, he was down to 300 bucks. If it is a steam generator I could use it for ice dam removal.

The van looks like a good deal for that price unless its beat mechanically. Where is it located?