Anyone know about bulldog pressure washers

I’m about to purchase a new pressure washer. Has anyone had any experience or know someone has with Bulldog Pro pressure washers sold by Jerry with Sirocco?

Run as fast and as far away from anything from Bulldog

I own one. The system is fine. 4000psi/6.5gpm. Worked all season last year.

He is a great salesman. He will get you fired up. But they are disorganized. Sometimes take a long time to get back to you and doesn’t answer yes or no questions with a straight answer, making conversations a bit of a meander. Their facility is somewhat of a junkyard garage with no real showroom.

But the system’s core elements work well - pw, heater, surface cleaner.

I’m selling my year old system. Hot water tank and reclaim as well.

Hmu if interested.

Thanks for your response