Anyone in the central Florida area willing to give me hands on experience for a weekend?

Hello. I’m glad to be a part of the community now. I have been researching pressure washing for about a week now, binge watching a bunch of youtube videos and taking lots of notes. I know there’s PLENTY more to learn through research but I’d like to get some hands on experience. If anyone in the central Florida (Orlando) area is willing to have me work with them for a weekend that’d be great. I am very clean cut, drug-free, no tattoos, professional worker. I’d be willing to meet at the location of the jobsite. I can’t on weekdays because I work a full-time job. Thanks.

Did you try contacting all your local competition? Someone might be into it.

Just start reading through old threads on here. It’s like one big encyclopedia on pressure washing. Get a notepad and write the important stuff down. You can also bookmark threads. You’ll learn more reading on here for 16-24 hours than you would washing a few houses for 2-3 days.

If you don’t mind driving to Tampa you can come hang with us one weekend. I try not to book weekends if I don’t have to but that rarely works out . you’ll just have to call me on a Friday to know for sure

Hey man. I really appreciate the opportunity. Luckily I found someone closer who is willing to let me shadow them for a weekend. Thanks!