Anyone here use cones and caution tape?

i havent seen anyone write about this, a little surprising, but does anyone use cones & caution tape to block off an area you are working on?

a pressure washer poses potential safety hazards on the job site (someone can slip/fall on water/soap) so why not, right? just curious cause i have yet to read or see anyone put up cones and/or caution tape

I place cones on top of any hoses that cross through walk ways or sidewalks. Cones next to the truck. For commercial work i put Cones at either side of the job I’m working on. No caution tape necessary yet.


I use cones infront and back so people dont close me in when i work.

I use cones when Im parked in the street. Cones in front and rear. I also use that as a system to perform a walk around survey for tools etc.


I use cones around my box truck when I’m parked, cones where my hoses cross the sidewalks and caution wet floor signs when doing commercial. I’ve had people walk over or through caution tape on commercial jobs, so now I have an employee wearing a safety vest stand guard.

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Use cones all the time.

I prefer using my hazards . I only use cones if I’m working next to a busy road

For Commercial we use reflective cones around the van, no tape if working at night, may use tape during the day unless its the only entrance, we use reflective vests at night.
Residential only cones around the van. Might get a sign to say stay away while work is performed, but it’s rare for a client to stick around and watch from outside.
We’ll use tape and cones if working off a boom in a high trafficked area, block the parking spaces or sidewalk where we’re working off

I do use cones but as you can see some people just don’t care

I used cones and caution tape the other night at a gas station. I swear it seemed to attract people into the work area. This was a miserable night, not because of the work, but the people.

@steve076 had a great reply to your thread on WCR about barriers. Made a ton of sense to me.

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@T.B.PowerWash kinda hard to tell what you’re asking the drivers to do with the Congress set up like that, they look more like caution, than do not enter.

@Infinity is that an OSHA standard method?

Definately use cones if you park on the street. Probably an insurance/liability item that may surface


We use every thing listed above . Especially cones this is how I store them on the trailer.