Anyone here do any tiling?

Getting ready to gut the bathroom and redo the shower with tile. Been looking at all the new systems they have like schluter, ready tile, etc, but I think I will stick with what I know and stay with cement board then seal it.

Anyone use the schluter shelves? Looks pretty neat, just slats of stainless that you silicone into the joints. Little pricy, but if it keeps me from installing and tiling a niche I’m down. I only need 2-3 shelves. I’m not buying the knock off chinesium ones, who knows if you will actually get 316 or 304 from them.

I know a lot of people on here have done lots of other stuff other than PW. I’m guessing that most people on here come from other trades or are DIYers.

This is the type I’m looking at, but maybe not that particular design, wife has to approve it first.

anything that schluter makes is good. Top of the line


2 weeks ago I said to myself “I should really replace the half dozen broken tiles in the upstairs bathroom floor. Maybe throw a new coat of paint on the walls”

That turned into a full teardown and reno lol. I ultimately went with waterproof vinyl plank, and am happy with it.

I used Lifeproof. Its ok, but sometimes didn’t want to click together the way it is supposed to.


Nice job.

I am going with a vinyl plank floor as well due to it’s water resistance. I didn’t see it in that marble look. I am going with the thickest I can find (mils) because this bathroom is in the 100+ yr old side of the house. I bought a piece of quarter round (waterproof) for the side of the tub, man that stuff went way up in price since I bought it last time. It’s like 20 bucks for an 8 foot piece of plastic.

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Ugh, I hear you about the quarter round. I have a lot of MDF quarter round in my storage from a previous project, but have to get plastic as well because… you know… bathroom.

Our house is 130 years old. Craziest thing I found was copper waste lines under the toilet. I can usually handle plumbing myself, but I called in my guy to put in a new elbow and flange on that. The flange was also copper, and it looked like sometime between 1989 (when the bathroom was last done) and now someone slipped in the shower and fell into the side of the toilet. Flange was all bent up and slightly leaking. I would have kept it intact and saved myself $350 if it was still in good shape lol.

EDIT: We bought this house at cost in the middle of the 2021 housing crisis. Big old farmhouse on the main drag in a super desirable town. THe day we closed on the house, realtor dot com put out their “Most Desirable Suburbs of 2021” list and our little town was number one, so there’s some instant equity right there lol.

Got lucky and hit the interest rates when they were at absolute rock bottom. It was pretty beat up, but $150k worth of new stuff and 12 rooms of wall repair later we probably doubled the value. New boiler, water heater, electric panel, fence, renovated and graded the yard, replace the deck boards, new appliances etc.

Next project - Rip the crazy cardboard off the walls in the living room and refinish that (next week), then start leveling the floors so I can actually pay someone to redo the kitchen.

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nice find on the house. When I gutted this house I found knob and tube wiring, balloon wiring, romex spliced into knob and tube, and a bunch of other shady stuff. Can’t believe an electrician did some of the stuff they did and slept at night. There were some “hot spots”.

Spent hours at Homie dept and lowest today, because the love of my life couldn’t make up her mind on the floor color, then on the tile and accent, then to top it off I told her you aren’t done, you have to pick out your grout color. Oh well, she said something to the guy who knocked off .75 a tile and gave us a box of tile and vinyl flooring at no cost. Don’t know how, but I wasn’t going to stick around and argue with him about it. Wait till they see their tile pile. I dug through the boxes and removed any cracked or broken pieces and replaced them in my boxes.

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Ripped out the LVP and the vanity in our kiddos’ bathroom/laundry room about a year ago. Wife wanted tile in there as well as a vanity that wasn’t builder grade quality. And, of course, had to scrape the popcorn off the ceiling since I was already making a mess… Turned out great and the wife rewarded me with the responsibility of doing our master bathroom next. :roll_eyes:


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Nice job, looks clean and neat. Popcorn ceilings are the worst, it just screams my contractor was too lazy/cheap to finish the ceiling.

You like that grooved sanding sponge? I know it is marketed as having grooves for the dust to come out, but I have been using flats since the 90’s and just do my periodic dumping.

As far as that fancy sanding block goes, it was what I had laying around. I think it originally game in some sort of combo kit deal that included a bucket, rollers, brushes, etc.
It did what I needed it to do, but I didn’t have the chance (or care) to compare it side by side any other type.

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Thanks. I always ask about these things (changes in tools) because you never know. It’s like impact drivers, when they first came out I was skeptical, but after a couple of runs I was sold.

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We want pics. Sounds nice,

Phase 1 complete. I dare say that these walls were in FAR better shape than the two other rooms that had this fiberboard stuff on the walls. The wallpaper hasn’t seen daylight since the 1930s in our best estimate.

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