Anyone have experience removing outdoor carpet glue from a patio area?

I just went to give a quote for a driveway, patio/pool area and gutter cleaning. There’s a portion of the outdoor patio area where the customer used to have carpet but recently removed it, leaving behind discoloration and dried glue residue on the concrete.

Was wondering what type of chemicals I could use to get that glue up. Told the customer I would get back to him when I knew for a fact I could get it up. Either way I have the job but I could stand to make at least an extra $100 if I could add that area to the invoice.

Thanks in advance


Is my question unclear? Maybe I should have taken pics…The homeowner told me it’s a type of glue used specifically for bonding carpeting to concrete surfaces.

Never done it but if it’s an adhesive then I’d imagine hot water would be very helpful.

I was thinking the same thing. I get my hot water unit this coming thurs and set the job up for the Monday after next so I’ll get to try it out on this surface.

There’s a store called janitor’s closet in the area I live that has all kinds of cleaning supplies and chemicals. I went there today right after leaving the customer’s house but unfortunately they aren’t open on weekends. I’ll try there Monday morning if I don’t get any solid answers by then.

Paint thinner and scrapper


How did this project work out with the carpet glue? I have a set of concrete steps with carpet glue this week. I was searching and found this thread. I was going to try turbo and hot water.

Make sure you charge enough, I use to do these kinds of jobs when I was still in the carpet cleaning industry, hot water may help! But not always… Depending on the adhesive used some can be a friggin nightmare to remove…

We used Oilflo

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Try Jon don. We use POG on stains in the carpet cleaning industry takes everything from paint to grease out. And also lots of steam!

I did one a couple months ago. Used methylene chloride based stripper and hot water

I came out to give a customer a quote for removal. Took 2 seconds for me to say “nope” :joy::joy::joy:. I did end up doing thier concrete around the pool so it all ended well.

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I did it this morning and actually lucked out! The carpet had been removed for quite awhile and had a lot of sun exposure. The glue was brittle and chipped off pretty well with the turbo.


After doing a job like that what would you be at on price if you get called out for a similar job?

He was prepping for paint and I did the house foundation also. The foundation wasn’t too bad either. Took slightly over an hour. 125$

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He had 4 steps. Probably 50$ for a call out for just the steps. Only 3 minutes from my house. Small town