Anyone have any strategies for removing dead ivy/vines on brick?

I see people burning the dead stuff off, I see people sand blasting. What have you guys done?

Turbo nozzle

Tell them that’s their landscapers job. No way would I burn them off…lol. Maybe if it were my own but doing that on a customer’s house and you’ll never find insurance again.

oh yeah I only plan to use a turbo nozzle and SH cause that’s all i got lol

I tell them I don’t wash vines off homes. Landscapers responsibility

Torching them off is common, but tbh they are extremely hard to remove


Yeah because…landscapers typically carry around extension ladders.

Yeah, because…ladders are extremely difficult for anyone than a pressure washer to find. :smiley: If their landscaper doesn’t have a ladder at home in their garage like every other person in America they can hire their arborist instead if the landscaper doesn’t feel like loading his ladder on the trailer that day. :grin:

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Ladders are no problem for me. I recently had some luck removing 1 small vine on a painted foundation which was difficult. Now this is more porous stone and a lot of it. I didn’t want to use the turbo nozzle on the painted foundation so I will see how it works on the brick.

I did notice the SH does break it down and dissolved it but in layers it seemed.

i do landscaping projects to but not for this customer

When I’m doing my walk around checking for thinks like holes, damage, oxidation, and shotgun fungus before starting the wash , I check for vines also, I let the customer know that the softwashing process does not remove vines. Make expectations clear before starting