Anyone have any luck with the wand attachment surface cleaners?

I know the ones with the handle bars are more efficient but I am going to be doing my first driveway cleaning job next weekend (it’s a regular sized smallish 2 car driveway/somewhat uphill). I’ll probably upgrade sooner or later but was wondering if this will do the job for now on residential sidewalks and driveways. Thanks.

You can make it work. You could also rent one.

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Thank you. I’ll see if the place I am renting the PW from has them, probably do. Rented a 4k PSI/4GPM machine. Any recommendations on a solid 4GPM power washer? My budget is $1,200.

HD does around here.

I would hold off on washing until you could get a decent machine and a surface cleaner

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Comes with 2 year warranty incase the pump goes.

What are your thoughts on this one? I’ve read its a pretty decent starter PW.

It’s not 4gpm at 4200. It has a homeowner grade pump. It has a built in injector. All reasons to avoid it

Simpson and Dewalt machines are one in the same. This was my second machine ever and after buying 3 pumps (not an exaggeration. I posted a pic of a pile of these dead pumps probably my 2nd week on the forum) I finally bought a 4/4 belt drive.

You’re going to regret this machine.

These pop up ALL the time in the FB marketplace and Craigslist. They’re complete junk. And reread this: that Simpson IS IDENTICAL to the DEWALT just different labels. That’s it. For “warranty” work on the DeWalt you call Simpson. And they’re not too keen on actually honoring the warranty. Ask me how I know… I thought you’d never ask.

I called them EVERY time the pump failed and got the same run around. I have to take it to a Simpson repair shop or Dewalt repair shop or some other malarkey. They didn’t trust that I could remove 4 bolts that hold the pump on apparently. I paid for all 3 replacements like an IDIOT and never get a single bit of help from Simpson.

Go to home depot right now and check out the line of “refurbished” dewalts in the garden center. Again… can’t stress this enough. They’re the exact same Simpson models you posted above.

Whoever said that’s a good starter machine should be banned from our industry for life. What they’re saying and what simpson and AAA are doing is criminal. haha It even says “The Choice” for contractors and cleaning professionals. One day someone will get wise to it, do some research, call the attorney general, and you’ll show up to Lowes or Home Depot and ALL the Simpsons and DeWalts will be gone forever.


You’re better off lining up a few jobs together to make it worth renting a professional belt drive machine instead of wasting your time and money on this junk. If you want to be a professional use professional equipment even if you have to rent for a while. It sucks but it’s better in the long run. The local Landa dealer gives me a decent deal, $150 per day for a pghw with tank and trailer. He is even starting to budge on his price for an SLT 8@3000. But people jumping out there doing it halfway is killing this industry.

I’m screen shotting this and taking it to my Landa guy when I need to rent the hot water trailer. He’s at $250/day. Lol

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It normally is but I pick it up before closing and usually have it back before lunch the next day. My sidewalks are done early morning. That also includes whisper wash classic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the warning. I appreciate it. Well you just saved me $1,000. You know your stuff man so I’m going to ask you if you don’t mind. If you had a budget of around $1,200 (for just a pressure washer, I have other money set aside for insurance, xjet as there are only stucco houses where I live, chemicals, advertising, and other misc. equipment)… what would you get?

I’ll be doing residential work on the weekends for now. I have a FT job but I’m not saying I wouldn’t go FT pressure washing if all of this turns out the way I’d like it to.

Haha thanks. I’ll be renting my first handful or so of jobs. Guy near me does 4gpm for $40 a day. Just doing it on the weekends for now. I’ve always done side hustles for extra cash but this year I’ve been wanting to really step it up with a legitimate business.

Wait on the pressure washer until you do one or two more jobs, add what you earned to your $1200, and just get the 5.5 gpm 2500 psi for now. You can upgrade down the road if need be and you’ll still have a good back up washer.


Shazam. There’s my answer too.


Save until you can buy what you need, not what you can afford


Where are you located?

I am in central Florida.

A 5.5 is usually run off a buffer tank. So if you get the 5.5, you need the whole trailer and everything to go with it. A 5.5 will cost you $20k. It’s a lot more than 1 or 2 jobs. You can get a good 4.0 GPM for $2k and generally run that straight off the spigot.