Anyone have any links to Sewer Jetting

Hey guys,
I need your help. One of my neighbors has recently been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.
He has been in the sewer jetting field for over 30 years. He has amassed a huge amount of equipment in that realm. He is having an auction to sell off his equipment because “Nobody else knows what it’s worth and after I die they’ll let it go for nothing” (said gruffly in a tone that only he can pull off)
I have searched for an active jetting forum and have come up empty handed. The ones I have found are dead.
Do any of you guys have ties to the sewer jetting forums or anything? I would like to place the ad to his auction on their forums (if they are fortunate enough to have a forum such as this)
I feel that his equipment is so specialized that it won’t bring anything around here.
Thanks in advance.

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The equipment is not as specialized as you might think, Most plumbers around here have a sewer jetting system. It is basically a power washer with a skinny hose and specific tips. It is trailer mounted or dolly mounted?

As far as equipment, in general used equipment is worth at most $.50 on the dollar new and probably going to get closer to $.30-$.40. Depends on condition, model, etc…

Doug: I was in the sewer and drain business back in the 80s and 90s. There is a trade magazine called the pumper and another called the cleaner. I haven’t looked at them for years but they are the bible of sewer and drain cleaning. I don’t know what type of equipment your neighbor has but if he did municipal (large) pipe those were big machines (tandem truck) and depending on age and type could be worth $50,000 and much higher. If he was doing light commercial or residential the trailer mounted units could range from $20,000 and higher. Again it just depends on age and condition and type. Sorry to ramble! google cleaner magazine or pumper magazine. If I remember correctly it was published in Wisconsin. Lots of classifieds there. Good luck!


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