Anyone had experience with Security Screens & Soft Washing

Has anyone had much experience soft washing a house with security screens on the windows? If so would you warn me against the job? Like to hear your thoughts.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. Seriously, post a pic of what you are talking about, someone on here has dealt with it. I live in the boondocks, so a security screen is the shotgun meeting you at the door/window. The AR is for your buddies hiding in the bushes. Just hillbilly humor, smile and lets see your copenhagen.

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I had to look this one up, never seen one before.

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You sure its SECURITY SCREENS and not SOLAR SCREENS? If solar, Ive done them with housewash, real clean.

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Lol. Luv it. If the customer had guns I’d be happier. It would be easier to wash his house. The screens I’m talking about have little wires woven into the screen itself & are plugged in on the windowsill (on the outside of the window between the screen & window). Out of all the houses I estimate & take pictures, I can’t believe I didn’t on this one. They are old as well. They were really popular about 20-30 years ago here in L.A. thanks for the reply. I’ll try to get a picture from online as the house is an hour & a half away (in traffic of course) & all the homes near me are modern homes without them.

They are definitely not solar screens. I suppose I should have said alarmed screens. I looked online as well & all they were showing me was the ones @dcbrock had pictured.