Anyone gotten texts from sketchy people like these?

So I’ve gotten texts from what I assume is the same guy using 5 different names. I know its the same guy because he always introduces himself in the texts with his last name first and then his first name like “Hello my name is Smith Dave” and then he goes on to ask if i accept credit card payment. I did a bit of an experiment and told him that the driveway was going to cost $12,000 to pressure wash and the siding would be $19,000 and he accepted that price immediately. the whole thing seemed very sketch so I blocked the number and a week later he texted back with another number. My friend with a competing pressure washing company told me he was getting similar texts. anyone else have anything similar?

This is hilarious to me. Whats sad is that they wouldn’t be doing it if they hadn’t scammed at least one person before.

Get em all the time. Have not spent time trying to dertermine from where. I ignore because seems shady as heck. Let us know if you figure out the source. I’ll do the same.

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