Anyone getting paid via Element/WEX?

So I signed a new fleetwash client on Monday but they do all of their fleet maintenance payments though a service called Element? My contact for this client is not very tech savvy and did not really explain how or what I needed to do, he just gave me the 1800 number on the back of his element card. So I called them and they redirected me to a guy who said I need to get a WEX card? and on top of that I have to get a credit card reader from a very small list of vendors. Square isn’t on there, neither is paypal. And he didn’t really explain how I invoice/get paid he said I just swipe the card and bill it.

Anyone have any experience getting paid this way because I’m a bit lost.

Lesson I take from this is discuss payment arrangements before signing.

@SchertzServicesLLC. Experience with this one? I know you’ve mentioned Walmart and other stores on using a service similar to this

I think I got it figured out. It’s going to be a hassle to invoice and the fees are pretty high but it’s a 5 figure contract so gotta do what you gotta do. If anyone else has to use this system I can try and walk them through it.

Not exactly… so I have to use service channel to invoice Walmart. But since I have a large contract with Walmart they pay me direct deposit each month. Smaller contracts that pay less than 8k a month are paid through a different method. It was a huge pita to get the first invoice processed. It gets simpler as you go and learn.

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What kind of fees? You shouldn’t be paying any fees.

@Racer CC fees. It’s 3.5% per transaction. Plus $40/month to have the reader. Basically each driver has a WEX card that works like a credit card. I wash their truck, and either swipe their WEX card or take down their number and key it in later.

Gotcha. However can you not go back to company you gave quote to, to make an adjustment? If not, then you learned a good question to ask prior to giving quotes. Good luck w/ the account.

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