Anyone ever seen or used one of these

My grand dad gave me this today. He says “it’s at least 20 years old”. But probably hasn’t been run more than 12 hours. It’s been in his garage. What do y’all think?

I’m debating on taking the pump off and putting it on my gx390.

Have you fired it up yet? Probably could use a new spark plug, carb rebuild kit(or atleast clean carb), fresh fuel and oil for motor and pump.

Haven’t got it to fire yet. Oil looked good. Need clean out carb. And new spark plug. I’m debating on just taking the pump off and putting it on my Honda gx390. It looks like a really nice pump. I can’t tell if it’s gear driven and will pull water or if it’s a direct drive. I’m looking for diagrams on it. It looks like interpump may have been bought out by general pump. The designs look very similar.

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