Anybody tried this for repeats?


Been on the forum for a while now but had to create another account due to competition lurking forums and taking some info on my pricing amongst other things. We are out of colorado and are going on our 4th year. I have had the idea of taking all previous year customer contacts and sending out a mass text message showing our gratitude toward there business and offering a small discount (likely 5-10% or $20 flat) for repeat business for them, family and friends. We regularly get customers shooting us text messages to my business line however, i feel its unprofessional to contact my customers via text message so i try to refrain unless they spark the conversation via text first. So, i would like to see if there is some sort of program that can send out an automated text or if need be send it in a large mass text myself but make it look extremely professional. Yes i know email is a much more professional way to reach out however, we did not collect emails much this season. Any input? has anybody tried it?


We live in a new age were text message marketing is a thing. Depending upon your demographics it could be a huge way to connect with your customers. It also never hurts to pick up the phone and make a thank you check in call. Don’t be afraid of the phone.


like i said we are extremely personal with our customers. We dont give quotes over the phones (unless requested as the customer may not be home due to work or some sort of weird schedule) but either way we stop by each and every home and attempt to meet with our customers. Im more worried about looking professional. We dont want to give off the “Craigslist joe” image when it comes to our customers. Another issue i see with it, if we do it ourselves i know with apple products when you type in more than 1 phone number at a time it puts people in a group chat and that could pose a weird issue. I also want to be able to attach a link to some sort of coupon for these customers. I assume this is something our SEO company can handle though.


Have you tried google? You can search for companies that will let you blast out text messages just like you would an email blast or newsletter. Text can be formatted like this.

"This is company we added you to our automated text message announcement… whatever

To stop recieving these text text back stop

If they don’t text back stop it is fine. As long as you don’t spam them and send out quartly emails it is cool. Its super effective too. This one fireworks store sends me texts every few months and even though I don’t need any I still want to go buy a bunch.


ill look into it! Thanks!


If you need a crm that can do this check out the customer factor. Ask steve to give you a walkthrough or explain how you can text everyone through the software. Super cool guy, great program, a little clunky at first, one of the most powerful out there though.


I have been reviewing it since I bought it.


Have you tried calling them, wishing them a happy New year and ask for their email?


I have used Call Fire in a previous company which worked very well. However, you have to be sure no matter what type of service you use that the Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires you to get permission from every customer in order to text them and that requires an opt-in section on contracts. So, I am not sure if you can legally go back and message prior customers without running into some legal issues.