Anybody thought of this? PTO pumps

So I’ve been reading some threads about some people’s massive setups (@JohnT, I’m looking at you ;)), and it occurred to me…

PTO driven pumps! Some carpet cleaning vans are setup to run straight off the power of the van’s motor by a PTO device. So why not for pressure washers? With your typical V8 van or truck, you’ve got loads of power to utilize, and you would free up all that cargo capacity taken up by multiple motors. You would also eliminate the hassle and headaches associated with all of that machinery. You just need to make sure to do an extra good job maintaining your truck. Fueling and a load of other little things would be simpler, and I think the noise level should be reduced, too.

You might even be able to pick up a used carpet cleaning van and retrofit it with your PW pumps.

Has anyone thought of this before?

Yes there are some Powerwashing dudes out there who have PTO driven pumps. Also a few guys have tapped into there truck gas tanks to feed their Powerwashing motors. All of it is a good idea in most cases.

As for me I like to keep everything KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid). I like to keep most everything seperate so if there is a problem it only effects 1 machine.

Everything your saying though is right. You could free up a ton of space connecting to your PTO on your truck.