Anybody sub contracting with Perfect Power Wash? give me the scoop!

Just looking on the pro’s or cons’s with this company.

Never heard of them. Where are you located? Are you pressure washing out doing windows?

Sorry about the double post but I just wanted to say make sure you get before and after pictures when you subcontract. I’ve been blamed for breaking screens that I know we didn’t break and ended up paying for them to be replaced in order to avoid a bad rep. I don’t with that company anymore but I’ll always remember it as a learning experience.

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Check out their reviews on Yelp. Not too good

Thanks for the heads up!! Dang horrible reviews. For some reason didnt think to check Yelp.

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Perfect power wash is based out of the Akron Ohio area. I think they are pretty sizable in that area. But they advertise everywhere and sub all the other jobs out. They are calling every year looking for more contractors to sub out to. I did sub for them one year. No bad experiences, but wasn’t worth it in the end. The pay isn’t good, there a ton of paperwork, they want you to wear there shirts and put up yard signs when you’re working. If you’re going to work for them you might as well consider yourself an employee if you’re going to play by there rules.

I don’t recommend working for them. Prices are low to begin with and then they don’t pay on time claiming they don’t have a w9 on file, then they don’t even pay the full amount they agreed to, claiming they don’t have a coi on file, then they ignore collection requests.