Anybody running a bed slide like this in a cargo van?

Whats up guys, looking to do a new truck mount setup using my extended cargo. A bedslide is seeming like the best option! Anybody ever run anything like this?

Anybody using a cargo van have any pics or suggestions?

I’ve seen that on YouTube, I’m wondering though how many times would you actually use it, i figure if you set your rig up right you shouldn’t need that

My .02¢

My families drywall company uses those on their trucks.
Work great for double stacking and getting to the back of the bed with toppers on.
But if you’re going to put it in a van and have acces to both sides ( front and back ) already I’m not sure you could justify the cost. Also the rails tend to rust where they are mounted to the floor. Any chemicals spilled is just going to quicken the process.
my 2 pennies worth

im looking it to it specifically for the rear of ventilation. If we could slide everything right out we wouldnt have to worry about exhaust fumes. We could easily access everything instead of having to climb over etc etc. I just find that the van can be a hassel at times

Thats interesting. Im running portables from a Transit 350 High Roof.

3 frames - power washer, heater, auto pumpout/sandtrap.

What is the weight capacity on that slide? Its hard to imagine it could hold the weight extended out.

i believe one i read was around 2500-3000