Anybody downstreaming their dogs?

I ordered a Dema 402B which comes in 1/2" FPT, I adapted it with garden hose fittings and DS’d their oatmeal soap along with some pawfume from a 5er.

It made quick work of a Pitty, Two Rotts, Dutch Shepherd and my Chihuahua. I’m looking to refine it a bit and build a 2x4/2x6 bath “house”.

My wife caught me in the act so I told her hey please help me rinse this one and I just jet to watch from inside. Oh my, it was hilarious as she rinsed and rinsed but got nothing but Suds and Suds. I died when she panicked and yelled for me lol


That’s hilarious :joy:

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Spent a good portion of my night pricing out bulk pet shampoo. I’m going to need a lot of it since I’m going to turn this into a side hustle jk. Kleen Rite is pricey but they have the goods in 5 gallon buckets since they have those dog wash stations at some of the car washes.


Probably do really well in your area of 6.8 million people…

7.5 million now. I think I heard it’s a larger population than Houston, The Woodlands, Sugarland area at 7 mil. Can I get some trucks to wash?

Ya’ll need to find a new hobby. Arkansas can’t keep up with feeding ya’ll in the agricultural department :smiley:

It’s not me it’s my dogs man. They fly through 50lbs of chicken leg quarters every 6 days.

Lol ,I know what ya mean man,kinda,we’ve got over 300lb of K9 running a muck on the farm

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Long hair Chihuahua’s from here on out.

Nope ,Mastiffs, Merle is about 2 1/2 months old. I like um big and dumb. I’ll admit that the wife has a Jack Russell and westies. No lil attitude Chihuahuas! Lol


Hey, I got a brindle too.

The little Chihuahua has zero attitude, none of the dogs do because we have 400 rules to be followed before breakfast. 4 out of the 5 don’t even bark!


Lol. Yours looks smarter than mine @dperez . My wife nick named him BDP. (Big dumb puppy )

This is my brother in laws big girl Nala.
She died this past year. Do you ever breed them? image|500x500