Any suggestions to clean this brick

Already tried a heavy hit with muriatic acid and another product but they barely did the trick. Only took a layer of hard water off and when it dried it really didn’t look any different. Is there a product or something to get this brick back to normal. It’s a carwash bay that hasn’t been touched for years! Here is a picture of the brick and also what I had done.


Is that second picture a before or after?

I’m assuming you are using hot water

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Acid will do some of it. As it’s a car wash, there going to be waxes/polishes and general dirt and grime which it won’t touch.

Heat and EBC would be my suggestion.

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I agree with @Firefighter4hire and @Jet-Away on the hot water and EBC. You’re dealing with a lot of different contaminants on that wall. EBC might not remove the mineral stains. I’d try One Restore from Eacochem undiluted if it doesn’t as a first option or Custom Masonry Cleaner from Prosoco.

The pic was before

I was using hot water. I’m guessing it was just some pretty harsh soaps etc.

By the way that’s a great half wrap on your truck. I’d love to see it from both sides and back.

Thanks. I will post a pic


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Looks great

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