Any suggestions on how to go about cleaning this roof?


I am not a very experienced tile roof cleaner. If anyone has a method of cleaning this beast, I would be much appreciative. This one is particularly old. The owner insists I do it though I told him I am inexperienced in this area. He has access to a 50 foot boom lift which could come in handy for half of the roof. The other half of the house has a fancy deck in the back so there is no possible way to get the lift back there. Do I brush the moss off, apply treatment, and then pressure wash it a month later? Should I just pressure wash it? Do I walk on it or should I use a ladder system or the boom to avoid breaking tiles? Price? Thanks for any advice!

My advice…


But seriously. If your not experienced in roof cleaning you shouldn’t touch it. Too many areas for collateral damage. Find another reputable contractor in your area who specializes in roof cleaning and sub them out to do it. This way you get paid to learn. But to be honest, they may not even touch that one. That’s just down right ugly.


Most people will tell you to pass on the job, which might be a good idea. On the other hand, this could be a great learning experience, make for some awesome before/ afters, and last but not least make you a nice chunk of change. Make sure you set reasonable expectations and let them know that the job is going to go in phases. Start with a hot roof mix (50%) sit for a few days. Then come back and scrub with a brush, then rinse, then you might have to do it again. I would not walk on that roof, It’s probably very slippery and corroded from the moss. Charge accordingly. I would say at least double, if not more, of what you would normally charge. I’m guessing 3-6000 but what do I know, I’ve never done a roof like this.

Duly noted. Thanks for the replies. I may bail on it and hire another sub contractor, but I think I can do it. The cement still seems to be structurally ok. For starters I wouldn’t walk on it at all. I would use the lift or those roof ladders with a tie off. Second first day, I would use a long brush to get off the loose balls of moss which comes off easy. Clean gutters. Then apply a dry treatment like sodium peecarbonate to kill and loosen the remaining moss. 2months later come back and lightly pressure wash remaining moss off all on roof ladders or lift. Am I crazy? Tip? Foresight?

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Erik Rose

Very insightful posts :roll_eyes:

Wow. I have cleaned some tough roofs. That takes the cake.

Erik, Did you ever clean this roof? Easy - peasy. Just going to take you longer and you’re going to use more soap and chemical, so charge accordingly. I’d be in the .60 - .75 per sq ft range.

I have not got the job yet. Sent the bid, going to follow up today or tomorrow.

Good luck. Feel free to call me if you have any questions on how if you get the job. We can talk for 5 min and it’d take me 30min to type it all out.

Racer what is your phone number or a website with your phone number on it to reach you? Thanks!

Erik Rose

Sent you a PM