Any one using Dual port chemical injector Hi Draw with any luck?

I’m wondering has any one tried these ,and can they draw any thing like the X-Jet ?

Yes, have tried. No, not like Xjet and usually less than single. Marketing gimmick only.

I was about to dive into a search for injector sizes and saw this. So I’m gonna piggy back. If I run a 3-5 gpm injector size on my 8gpm around what draw rate should I see. Could I be super crazy and even go with the 1-3 size injector?

That’s a ton restriction wirh a 1to 3 gom injector. Under 150 feet of hose use a 5 to 8. Over 150 use a 3 to 5

That was what I was hoping to hear. My new trailer is going to have a 5.5 @ 2500 for house washing and a 8 @3500 for surface cleaning but I’d like to be able to house wash with the 8 as well. So being able to use the same size injectors on both machines is a plus. Will I still be able to dilute my SH when run through the 8 with the 3-5 injector? My mix is 2 gals of SH for every 5 gals of mix.

I use 5-8 gpm injector with my 8gpm machine with 200 ft of hose,never have a problem getting stuff clean.

If you get a 8 gpm I would sell the 5.5. @cleaner has luck with 2.3 injectors with 200 feet of hose. Just experiment with both and see what works for you. I’m still not following your questions about diluting SH. Make your mix like normal. If it doesn’t come clean, add more SH.

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I use dual

Show us a pic of how you have it set up.

Ok this is my back up

This is what i use

Can show a pic of your set up? We’ve all seen those pics with it attached to cardboard.

The strainer on the left goes to the SH tank.
And siliconed on top to the 15 gl SH tank with the black adpter…to the 3 way valve onto my check valve fuel quick connects on to my chemical proportioner onto my dual chem injector.
The elbow on the left goes to my water tote with a strainet also.
The other left connector, not shown, goes to my detergent.

Now i have 2 SH tanks with ball valves and y connectors going onto the ball valve shown.


Can you post a pic of your set up?

Cant right now, will do ad soon as i finish setting up my new trailer, ran out if space and ordered a tandem.

Of course lol

Why does everyone think they need a tandem axle trailer and a 5000 gal Tank to wash houses I just don’t get it…

They don’t. I just like giving the stolen website guy grief about hot water and not really having equipment. I guess I don’t have anything else to contribute to this thread, but that hasn’t stopped me before. I like your set up @cleaner. Most guys run a Walmart $5 ratchet strap over their tanks and hope for the best.

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See theres where your wrong… Mine is a 10 dollar strap from auto zone…lol

Thanks innocent bystander,you and I️ have talked on the phone before.I use to live in Autryville,we were talking about the autryville day,can’t remember what they call it.I know Guy Blackmon also,Douseahouse is the name of my business.