Any Mods For This Surface Cleaner

Is seemed to clean much better in the past, but now that I have the correct hose (THANKS IBS), my Hammerhead takes off a whole 'nuther level of film from the concrete. I go behind this cleaner with my Hammerhead and the concrete has a lighter tint. Is there something I can do to make this NorthernTool special work better? I’ve changed out the tips, but it just seems that there isn’t nearly as much water coming out of this cleaner as comes out of my Hammerhead. I’d like for this to be an acceptable backup for my Hammerhead, but right now it’s just in the way.

Take of the wheels. Put an elbow over the swivel so it doesn’t hover to high. Got the correct nozzles?

Took the nozzles off this one for my Hammerhead. Elbow over swivel? Do you mean extend the bar closer to the ground?

Wheels off. Should I glue rubber skirt on to the SC?

Could this gun have anything to do with poor performance? I sprayed some garage door lubricant on sleeve, and that seemed to make a small difference in the spinning effect, eliminated light squeek.

Would adjusting the angle of these fittings help any? THis SC’s previous owner said it never did anything but put lines in the concrete. Now he was using a crap PW, but the nozzles were completely clogged when I got it from him.

Elbow goes on swivel to redirect force of water to kerp it from hovering. I Can’t make out the trigger gun but make sure it has 3/8 hose. If it doesn’t have a bristle skirt put the wheels back on. Those bars are finicky. They sell a gauge to line the nozzles correctly on bar

Pardon my ignorance but I have read about the 90 degree install several times to prevent hovering. Does the 90 degree turn reduce the force enough to stop the hovering or is it doing something else? My SC will occasionally hover but then again sometimes I pretend it is a drone and fly it about 2 feet off the ground to move it over grassy areas etc. so I’m not sure if this is really an issue for me. Thanks for any input.

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Me too IBS. Seems the problem is not enough force, not too much Would this reduce force without affecting flow? Would THAT be helpful? I NEED that force on my hammerhead bc it has no wheels. Wouldn’t less force reduce cleaning power? It seems that this SC doesn’t produce nearly the force OR volume that the Hammerhead does. Why reduce anything? It seems that something is bottlenecking, bc I’m using the same PW with dramatically different results between the two SCs…

Throw it away and be done with it.

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Now THAT’S the best advice yet! I think I’ll screw around with it until I get it good enough to sell.

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