Any luck with DesignsAnHour?

We are going to order website for our pressure wash business. My business partners are happy to go with the “Professional Website Package” Anyone had a bit of luck with them?

Most of the cheap options are just templates or “copies” with a few words, pictures, and colors changed. It will have no SEO value. Definitely look into a vetted professional web designer.

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Template based web definitely a good option. Having copied content from the internet wont hurt website?

I think he was saying just the opposite…you need unique content for SEO value these days. Google gets more and more vigilant with their algorithms to vet out quickie website templates. They want to highlight companies that have been around, and are invested in their web presence.


Yes exactly, cheap websites can do more harm than good.

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Exactly that is why we didn’t pick the cheap option. $899 they make sure us we will have unique content and SEO friendly website :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response guys.

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